WIP... may or may not ever be completed. Ya... probably not, testing one... two... three...

So, my first ever paid Internet position... April 2000.
Head explodes... 🤯

I am a full stack hack...

My first Internet position was via a talent agency, who graciously picked me up right out of the Boston University Corporate Education Center... Web Designer program. I actually quit my day job delivering propane and went all in for the career change.

Fast-forward some 24 years... I have managed to get employment as a developer at a top ranked software outfit. Sweet...

I am 59... so not going to inundate you with 44 years of work history... nope.

Most importantly (to me anyway)... I am an endless seeker of God... a metal bassist... a chronic privacy advocate... and... a dad to two rescue 🐾 Shih Tzu.

Coffee...? Sure... would love one...


This domains privacy policy is very simple...

It tends to capture your stuff, id est, IP related data. This domain also sets cookies... archaic I know... but effective enough for my needs. In a nutshell the cookies, primarily, provide a larger interval for IP detail lookups. A sort of stare and compare for when you return (if you return).

This domain also utilizes browscap/browscap-php to capture some subtle browser details.

Just to be clear... this is my personal web playground. I do stuff based on internet traffic, it is what I do. If you visit my site you are subject to my development noodlin'...

“The” very best remedy for you... regarding the aforementioned conditions... is simply... just don't visit this domain...?!


Just a brief outline of this domains' complete overhaul/deconstruction...

I have removed ALL things //jquery. Replaced it with vanilla JavaScript. I also moved all things <style> to the latest Bootstrap & Bootstrap Icons... dark mode... with a smattering of emoji's.

(Meh... when in Rome) 🤷🏻‍♂️.

But I've done it as lean-ly as I possibly could... so like... let's say Tailwind's school of thought, I tried to think utility over component.
Like I said... "lean-ly as possible"... it's a toss up.

I used a moderate mobile first development style... my base device is an old Pixel 7, so roughly a 412 pixel width? Smaller devices or device rotation is never actually considered (sorry... my bad).

It's your basic "shared" LAMP stack with a basic roll your own framework using php and composer.

A ton of roll your own JS and some vendor libraries bootstrap, leaflet, luxon. All vendor APIs are delivered locally as CDNs tend to drop tracking cookies on your visitors.